Defect-Free manufacturing made Super-Easy.

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Defect Scanner AI based camera

Automated Defect Detection and Part Counting

Elevate your manufacturing process with Defect Scanner.
Our advanced AI-powered machine vision swiftly counts parts and detects defects, eradicating manual errors and boosting productivity. Witness Automated quality control made super easy

Automated Part Counting

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Easy-To-Deploy Camera

Our revolutionary camera system, as effortless to deploy as a CCTV camera, brings the power of AI-driven part counting and defect detection directly to your production line. No complicated setups or extensive training needed. Transform your manufacturing process effortlessly and elevate your efficiency with our user-friendly, plug-and-play camera

Monitor your Quality Assurance - 24x7

NO Technical Skills Required to Deploy Defect Scanner's Camera on your Conveyor Line

Easy Integration to Alarm Systems

our AI-powered camera effortlessly integrates with your existing conveyor line systems, triggering alarms in real-time for immediate action

No more Expensive AI Programming

From Teaching to identifying the most complex of defects - do everything without any technical skills.

Automated Defect Detection

The state-of-the-art accuracy for defect detection in all manufactured parts

Image of defect scanner camera


Annotation demo in mobile phone

Automated Part Counting

Calculate the Total Part Count Production Automatically

Extremely Easy to Teach

Very Little Human Effort is required Teach Defect Scanner

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